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Spanish Professional Team TRIAL 

Clubs are looking for good soccer players before the new season in September.

Showcase your skills in a match against strong

Spanish professional teams.

U23 → 7/23-8/5, 2023

U19 → 8/6-8/19, 2023

Location Madrid, Spain

The Siello Football Group is an integrated soccer group based in Madrid,


Spain, with DS Football Academy operating in Egypt, Morocco, and Puerto


The group has produced many famous professional footballers around the world and also manages professional footballers.


The owner is former Real Madrid player David Sierra.


Hexa Management, the owner of Hexa Spain Soccer Academy, and Siello Football Group, with the full cooperation of the city of Cuenca, Spain, have launched the Hexa Siello Soccer Project, a project to turn Asian players into professional soccer players.


With a long term vision, the project aims to train players under the age of 16 at Cantera (Under Categories) of Professional Tean called UB Conquense (Tercera Division of Spanish Football League) while studying at a public school in Cuenca, a World Heritage city. For those between 17 and 24 years of age will target to promote from the B team of a professional/semi-professional team to the top team, depending on their levels.


Rome is not built in a day. No great project can be completed in a short period of time. This is a project that aims to go up step by step.


The common shortcomings of Asian athletes are language ability, physical and mental weakness, slow judgment of situations, lack of hungry spirit, always passive personality, and lack of ability to think for themselves.


Asian soccer is one step closer to the world's top group. Let's make the dream of Asian soccer come true by learning true football in Spain!

Pro Trainee Program

The DS Football Academy of the Siello Group is Spain's premier soccer academy, founded in Madrid by former professional La Liga players and La Liga coaches, including current players.

Players from Asia will be coached by La Liga coaches every morning at the academy, and in the evenings, 3-4 times a week, they will join the training program at CD Leganes, where Shibasaki plays for Japan International, or at AD Alcorcon, whose youth team belongs to the same T1 group as Real Madrid.


This program is designed for junior, junior youth, and youth players who wish to sign a professional contract in Spain in the future.


For elementary and junior high school children who stay for more than 91 days, we will also support them in obtaining a student visa and enrolling in a local public, semi-public, or private school.

This program is ideal for those who want to become professional soccer players in Spain, those who want to experience Spanish soccer firsthand, and those who want to play soccer in Spain while learning the language and graduating from junior or senior high school.

Training with Sibasaki Japan International Player for CD Leganes

Pro Trials(short-term)

​Looking to play soccer in Spanish Team?

For players between 17 and 24 years old

Tryout for players who cannot stay in Spain for a long period of time and are looking to sign a professional contract with a professional club team in the Spanish League or a semi-professional contract with a regional Spanish League club (Preferente Club).


Period: Held at any time, except during the off-season.

Period of stay: from 1 month

Place of stay: DS Football Academy in Madrid or near Cuenca.

Participation fee 2,500 Euros- 3,500 Euros  per month (airfare not included) including housing, meals, trainings, participation in professional team tryouts, and all other expenses.

If the participants wish to stay longer than one month, the fee will be extended by two weeks at a rate of 1,500 euros.


Tryout Schedule

After arriving in Spain, the participants will train at our designated academy for about one week to eliminate jet lag and adjust to the new conditions. At the same time, a level check will be conducted by a Laliga Coach.

After that, you will participate in team training with your chosen professional or semi-professional team (Segunda  RFEF - Preferente) and tryouts will be held with the participating club coaches. 

Tryouts are covered by a one-month participation fee for up to two teams.

The participating team will be chosen based on the level of the participant and the position he/she is interested in, and the team most suited to the participant with the best chance of a contract. 

spain pro training program

Spanish-style training develops individuality and strengthens the individual!