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spain pro soccer training

Professional Training Program

The program is based on a long-term vision of spending several years learning the language and Spanish soccer, with the goal of eventually signing a professional contract with a Spanish professional team.


Students under 16 years old will attend a public school in Cuenca and participate in the training of the lower divisions of the professional teams, while those between 17 and 22 years old will work their way up from the B team of the professional/semi-professional team to the top team, depending on their level.


It is also possible to train with a professional team or youth team in Madrid, such as AD Alcorcon, while staying in the dormitories of DS Football Academy in Madrid, not in Cuenca.


One of the advantages of staying in Madrid is that you can choose the team that suits you best, as it has the largest number of teams in Spain.

The level of professional teams is also higher than in Cuenca.

The disadvantages are that the program fees are higher than in Cuenca, tuition at private schools is more expensive, competition to become a professional is more intense, and the cost of living is higher than in Cuenca.

Program Fees

1. cuenca

2,000 euros per month

3 months in advance in a lump sum

Payment  every 3 months

1 month service for prepayment of 1 season (10 months)


2. Madrid

2,700 euros per month 

3 months in advance in a lump sum

Payment every 3 months

1 month service if paid for 1 season in advance


Included in the program fee

Dormitory accommodation

Meals (3 meals per day)

Training fees

Player registration fee (18 years and older)

Fee for participation in official matches (18 years and older) and friendly matches

Monthly coach evaluation report

Cost of video and photography of training sessions

Uniform fee

Practice uniform fee

Airport pick-up and drop-off fees

Emergency car pick-up and drop-off


Not included in the program fee

Round-trip airfare

Cell phone SIM card purchase and rental

Private school tuition, public/private school textbooks, school lunch (if any)

Student Visa and health insurance

Items to be purchased by yourself

Transportation and travel expenses by yourself

Other items not listed above (included in the program fee)


Students staying for more than 91 days will be required to obtain a Student Visa and health insurance in Spain.


Student Visa fee: 1,250 euros

Fee for obtaining health insurance for one year: 400 euros

*The above information is current as of September 10, 2022 and is subject to change.

Special note

If you cancel your contract during the program period for any reason, the participation fee paid will not be refunded. However, it is possible to transfer the remaining portion of the fee to another time.

Changing the participating professional team or the place of stay during the program period is possible only if accommodation is available. However, an additional fee or difference may be charged.

As a general rule, those under 17 years of age are not allowed to participate in official tournaments. However, if they attend school and join a team that is not related to a professional team in any way, they may be able to register as a player and compete in official matches with FIFA's permission.

Relief from local injuries and illnesses
spain soccer training

Spain's largest insurance company will support you


Cuenca is a beautiful old city and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site as the "Historic Fortified City of Cuenca. It is famous for its "suspended houses" (casas colgadas) built on the cliffs of the Huécar River. The canyons of the two rivers provide a spectacular fall foliage display, and the city has a unique combination of nature and man-made structures, although not as impressive as those in Toledo or Salamanca.

From Madrid, day trips and weekend trips are possible by train or highway. The Spanish Museum of Abstract Art and the Cathedral are also worth a visit.

spain pro soccer training

Team you join in Cuenca

Spain Tercera (3rd division) Division 6th last season UB Conquense or Reserve team, Youth, Cadete (junior youth) team

spain pro soccer training

UB Conquense

Based in Cuenca, Castilla-La Mancha, this Spanish soccer team was founded in 1946 and is currently part of the Tercera RFEF, with home games held at the 6,000-seat Estadio La Fuensanta.・


School in Cuenca

Children under 15 years old are required to attend a public school in Cuenca, while children over 16 years old may enroll if they wish. Courses of study are almost the same as in other countries, but some classes are taught in English, as bilingual education (Spanish and English) is the norm in Spain (free of charge). (There is no tuition fee.) Name of school: IES Santiago

Name of school: IES Santiago Grisolia

Home Page :

la liga tryout


While staying in the DS Football Academy dormitories, you will train in the mornings with former Laliga coaches and in the evenings with professional teams or  their undercategories. 15 years old and younger are required to attend school and cannot participate in morning training sessions at the Academy except on Saturdays. 

spain pro soccer training

DS Football Academy Training Session

spain pro soccer trials

DS Football Academy Coaches

The team is composed of former players and head coaches from Real Madrid, Rayo Vallecano, Getafe, and others.

la liga trials

Scheduled Participating Professional Teams

Professional, youth and cantera teams near Madrid, such as CD Leganes, AD Alcorcon, CF Pozuelo and etc.

spain soccer academy
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